Beyoncé – Grammy Award Winner 2014 For Best Surround Sound Album


And the winner is… Beyoncé! Continue reading →

Grammy Awards 2014 – Nominees For Best Surround Sound Album


On Sunday, February 8th it’s time for the 57th annual Grammy Awards show. There are numerous categories for which artists of all genres can win a grammy, but of course we’re mostly interested in the genre ‘surround sound’ :-) Continue reading →

Journey I – Surround Sound Music Album

I’m really happy to announce the release of the first album called ‘Journey I’ :-) Continue reading →

Motion II – PANArt Hang in surround sound

It’s been quiet around here, but there’s some exciting stuff coming up :-) Among it is the new surround sound track ‘Motion II’, played on a PANArt Hang. Continue reading →

Hans Zimmer’s Man Of Steel in DTS Headphone:X

Hans Zimmer Man Of Steel DTS Headphone Surround

Hans Zimmer prefers to hear his music in surround sound. This is what he said in an interview following the CES demonstration of DTS Headphone:X

When I write, I write in surround. My life is in surround. Why would I settle for less? … I’ve been waiting for this moment where I can actually go and listen to one of my soundtracks without going, ‘Oh dear, it’s only stereo.

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Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese Blu-ray

Primus Sailing The Seas Of Cheese Blu-ray

Sailing the Seas of Cheese, the second studio album of Progrock band Primus, is coming to Blu-ray with a surround sound mix. Continue reading →

Grammy 2013 – Best Surround Sound Music Album

Album cover Patricia Barber Modern Cool Blu-ray

The 55th annual Grammy awards are over and among many categories there is one for best surround sound music album. And the winner is… Continue reading →

3D Soundcloud – Calm I

The third 3D Soundcloud track is now online and ready for you to download :-) Continue reading →

3D Soundcloud – Motion I (PANArt Hang)

The second 3D Soundcloud track is now online and ready for download :-) Continue reading →

3D Soundcloud – Free Surround Sound Music Downloads

3D Soundcloud, another pet project of mine, is finally ready for launch :-) Continue reading →